March 2, 2007

In Order Aus

Are they In or out? Hot or Not? Fashion forward of fashion disaster?
We all need to lighten up. Fashion is fun! Sasha Cohen reminds us of this as "Bruno" makes his rounds at fashion shows. The people he interviewed must feel so stupid, especially the guy in the black cap. One guy ends up even seriously discussing Osama Bin Laden's style. GEEZ.

"We take the clothes from the homeless people, sell it in a shop, and then the homeless cannot buy them! Hahahahahahahaha! That's the beauty of fashion! Hahahahahaaa!"

Stella's Shoes

The Stella McCartney Fall 2007 show was yesterday in Paris, and the line was really nice. Muted colours, baggy clothing, and ankle boots.
Daria Werbowy opened up the show and look gorgeous.
Love the make up for the show.

Sorry just had to add her. Moving on...
The clothes themselves were alright, but I found it a little dull, it felt like I'd seen it all before. However the SHOES were hot.

These grey pumps were soo cute.
The black version was even better.
So were the red ones. Just ignore the bruises the model seems to be sporting.
I really want to try and find a pair.
I've never seen the whole socks with ankle boots thing, and when I heard the concept was little discouraging, but i really like them! It has a punk feel to them.

This model was so Pretty in Pink.
To watch the show and view more of the actual clothes go HERE

March 1, 2007

Ah Subtle

We flying first class, Up in the sky
Poppin champagne, Livin my life
In the fast lane And I won't change
For the glamorous Ooh
the flossy

- "Glamourous" Fergie

Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2007. Hot.
I know it was awhile back but bear with me.
They said their inspiration was the 70's in London.
See through leopard print, gold, flowy fabrics. I don't get it.
But I DO love it.

Wait, was this suppose to be for Fall/Winter??

Got Gucci?

Zoe Kravits in a Gucci dress for her Elle Magazine photoshoot.....?

Wow. She rocked it.


Of all the fall fashion shows all over the world, one that I really liked was the DKNY show early Febuary during New York Fashion Week.

I think Donna Karen saw a niche that needed to be filled. Clothes for the young, stylish, elegant, yet urban woman. Well done. We love it.

She made everyday trends look unique and common tones noticable. Even though intended to have a more NY vibe, It feels like it had a bit of paris inspiration. I love how she incorporated everything from berets, stripes, and wide legged trousers, to bright satins, minidresses and hoop earrings. Its wearable.

To actually watch the show go HERE
It's funny to see all everyone in the audience standing and trying to strech to see the models. She wanted it to feel like actually watching women on the streets. Cool concept.
Here were some other looks i liked.

Wanna Be on Top?

ANTM Cycle 8 has started!
We missed you Tyra, the Jays, and especially you dear DRAMA!
I really thought after seven seasons I would be sick of this show, I mean it's the same old every season right? NOPE! Feels new each and every time! Lol. And of course a new season means new HILARIOUS recaps from Rich over at

Let's face it, we all know none of these girls are the next Gemma Ward! Some of them shouldn't even be on the show! And it's not exactly a realistic view of the modeling industry, but hey, its fun TV!

Eva Pigford (she still Pigford in my mind even though she's changed her last name to her middle name Marcellis). Winner of Cycle 3. Just Gorgeous.

One of my all time fave contestants was this girl, Naima Mora. She was creative and edgy which I liked, but at the same time soft-spoken and natural, not trying to impress anyone and just doing her own thing.

CariDee English, the latest winner of the show. So cute.
America's Next Top Model, Wednesdays on the CW network.

February 27, 2007

Canadian Rocks the Cover

Jessica Stam looked AMAZING on the cover of Vogue Nippon. She makes it look oh so easy. She's just effortlessly fierce.

Update: Sorry for the confusion, but Jessica Stam is only on the cover. The rest of the pictures are of the beautiful Heather Marks. Thanks Kim and Q